Machinery Pools

Machinery Pools

PASDEC has established two Machinery Pools for providing latest mechanized mining equipment to the lease holders/mine owners on subsidized rental basis. These Machinery Pools are located at Gaddani and Risalpur to cater south and north region of the country respectively.

These modern and up to date Machinery pools are operational and facilitating the sector tremendously to reduce the mining cost and in turn increase productivity at the mines. The machines are available on reasonable/subsidized rental rates in order to facilitate extraction and discourage blasting techniques.

A transparent criteria is setup for allocation of the machinery. Written applications are received and processed on the basis of consideration of reserves, proximity with cluster, number of days machinery needed and other relevant information.


  1. Prescribed Application Form mentioning complete details, signed by lease owner (mandatory), proprietor with copies of CNIC and Mining Lease, Power of Attorney and Partnership Deed (in case mine operator is other than the lease owner).
  2. A survey of the mine to be conducted by PASDEC Prospecting Team.
  3. Security Deposit equivalent to 2 months rent and 1 month advance rent is to be paid.
  4. 10 Post dated cheques equivalent to rent of the applied machinery shall be submitted.
  5. 104 hours minimum bill will be charged every month, additional usage, upto a maximum of 208 hours per month, shall be added per hour basis.
  6. Transit Insurance and transportation cost (both ways) shall be borne by rentee.
  7. Operator will be provided by PASDEC, food and accommodation will be arranged by rentee.
  8. Machines will be provided in maintained and good working condition and shall be returned same. Later maintenance cost (all oils and filters) shall be borne by the rentee under direct supervision of PASDEC staff.
  9. Consumables will be provided on actual cost.
  10. Only engine, electronic system and hydraulic system repair will be arranged by PASDEC, other repair work shall be the performed by rentee (bearing the expenses) under direct supervision of PASDEC staff.
  11. Inspection/Service visit charges shall be applicable@ Rs. 2000/- per person per day and 1500/- per person per night stay (food, accommodation and travelling shall be the responsibility of mine owner).


Effective From Rental Rates Detail
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