Common Facility Training Center (CFTC) & Warehouse

Common Facility Training Center (CFTC) & Warehouse

Common Facility & Training Center (CFTC) is one window facility for the processing of the marble and granite products and is a supplementary project to Marble Cities and Quarry projects of PASDEC.

Two state of the art CFTC’s where processing & polishing activities will be carried out as per international standards are being established at Risalpur & Gaddani. The services will be provided on rental basis to the processors. The CFTCs will ensure production of marble products on international standards and will facilitate in enhancing exports of the dimensional stone sector. The CFTC will also be linked to the warehouse which will cater the storage of material for processing or export purposes. The warehouse will ensure the Supply Chain aspect of the value chain.

The CFTCs will also be utilized for training local Managers, Workforce & Technicians to cut square dimension blocks into slabs, polish and cut to size on the state of the art production line being set up according to international standards. CFTCs are also expected to have a “Mosaic Development Center” to provide industrial training in marble mosaic, handicrafts and inlays from Industrial waste. The common facility will provide cutting, polishing and sizing services on reasonable rates to private entrepreneurs too.

The CFTC will provide training and support to the industry in high tech areas such as cut to size, auto polishing lines etc. provide training and support to the processes on machines which are not commonly available otherwise. CFTC would have two major components:

  1. Modern Production Lines for Cutting, Finishing, Sizing, Polishing, Square Blocks, and Packaging
  2. Training in Mosaics, Inlay and  Handicrafts for semi and skilled manpower.

A typical state of the art CFTC would be equipped with;

  • Gang Saw
  • Complete Polishing Line – (Slabs)
  • Splitting Machine
  • Complete Polishing Line (Tiles)
  • Cross Cutter
  • Side Face Calibrator & Chamfered plus Dryer & Buffer
  • Fork Lifter
  • Slab Automatic Loading/Unloading Unit
  • Mono-lama
  • Gantry Crane
  • Bench Cutter

Major Focus of the CFTC is

  1. Provision of training to the raw hand/semi-skilled/skilled workers on state of the art machines to build capacities in producing exportable material
  2. Supporting the industry in providing processes equipment that are not available otherwise to the individual units.

Common Facility Training Center (CFTC), for marble & granite is aimed at capturing the value that the sector loses due to unavailability of a comprehensive training and a processing facility. The facility will demonstrate and provide training to existing processors, workers and new entrants (workers and processors) on the use of up to date quality stone processing techniques and practices.

The Training Facilities in CFTC would have two major components

  1. Training on processing of stone to produce better quality products for all the current product lines such as tiles, and introduce new products based on updated skills development and market demand.
  2. Gender training in manufacturing of household handicrafts & mosaics, improving the quality of current products, and also in improving skills to effectively use upgraded technologies which may also enable in expansion of product lines.

In addition to the above-mentioned components, the CFTC will also train processors and workers to:

  1. Check for overall quality of the products and improve packaging.
  2. Select and purchases stone waste and blocks for processing into handicrafts, mosaic and other products.
  3. Increase direct and secondary job creation supporting poverty alleviation in the area.
  4. Increase investment, production and higher wages as a result of higher demand and improved quality products.