Milestone Achieved

PASDEC is carrying forward its vision to become globally competitive and socially responsible dimensional stone industry. PASDEC is mandated to establish and develop projects for the development of Marble and Granite Sector of Pakistan, these projects are funded by PSDP.

Machinery Pools

  • Machinery Pool – Gaddani
  • Machinery Pool – Risalpur

Model Quarries

  • Model Quarry – Khuzdar
  • Model Quarry – Chitral
  • Model Quarry – Buner

Quarry Up-gradations

  • Quarry Up gradation-1 – Mastung
  • Quarry Up gradation-2 – Mastung
  • Quarry Up gradation – Mohmand Agency FATA
  • Quarry Up gradation – Buner
  • Quarry Up Gradation – Loralai
  • Quarry Up gradation – Buner


  • Warehouse – Gaddani
  • Warehouse – Risalpur

Marble Cities

  • Marble City – Risalpur
  • Marble City – FATA in collaboration with FATADA

Projects in progress

  • CFTC – Risalpur
  • CFTC – Gaddani
  • Marble City – Loralai/Khuzdar (planned)
  • Quarry Development Projects
  • CIPK – Rental Machinery Projects

To keep the sector abreast of the latest developments in the sector and to provide employment opportunities to the people of less developed areas of the country, PASDEC has imparted both technical and Capacity building training. The company has trained 605 males on Mechanized mining machinery and operations and 1262 females on Mosaic Inlay and Handicrafts.