Ms. Shamama Tul Amber Arbab

Ms. Shamama Tul Amber Arbab


Pakistan has vast resources of unmatched, premium quality marble and granite and undoubtedly steals the crown as the only country in the international market possessing such valuable resources. This in turn makes Pakistani market a natural choice for both foreign and local businesses looking to invest in the marble and granite industry.

We at PASDEC are committed to excellence in mechanized quarrying and processing industry to uplifting the dimension stone sector of the Country . We strive to provide solutions to minimize wastage of precious dimensional stone resources caused due to conservative and outdated blasting techniques to enable investors to develop finished value-added products that compete with manufacturers internationally. We are currently providing state of the art mining and earth moving machines to interested parties on a rental basis to help them in mining of precious marbles and granite and in turn maximize their profits through enhanced efficiency and value addition.

I take this opportunity to inform you Government of Pakistan has authorized Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC) to issue exemptions on Custom Duty and Sales Tax on the import of certain dimensional stone mining and processing machinery. It is pertinent to mention here that import of such machinery enables us to not only routinely update and improve our mining solutions but to also keep abreast of the change and continuous innovation in the Marble Sector in accordance with international best-industry practices.

The Government of Pakistan is cognizant of the acute economic challenges faced by the country and is undertaking every possible effort to overcome them by creating a business-friendly environment for both local as well as foreign investors and entrants specifically in the dimensional stone sector of the Country. The time is ripe for investing in the merchandized mining given not only the premium quality of the marble and granite available locally but also the conducive economic policies put in to place by the Government of Pakistan to encourage growth in the mining sector.

Acting in tandem with our partners in the conducive business environment created by the Government of Pakistan with a special commitment to the mining sector’s growth, we will collectively overcome any and all challenges and InshAllah emerge as leaders in the global market by manufacturing unparalleled value-added products.