Skill Development

Skill Development

Project objectives

The objectives of the project are as under:

  • Human Resource Development of Marble and Granite concentrated areas.
  • Job Creation through skill development
  • Provision of training facilities for complete value chain including mining and processing of Marble & Granite
  • Introduction of modernize quarrying practices
  • Provision of proper education facilities in country for Marble and Granite Sector
  • Increase production of squared blocks and improve quality of processing to compete in international market.
  • Increase the mining productivity and efficiency
  • Minimize the wastage of valuable natural resources and help reduce environmental degradation.
  • Improve skill level of existing manpower and produce specialized skilled work force
  • To enhance and facilitate value addition in quarrying and processing
  • Increase in the export of Marble and Granite Sector

 Male Skill Development Training

PASDEC has initiated multiple mechanized quarry projects in the country for demonstration, awareness and skill development on mechanized mining techniques and technology. Since the trend of mechanized mining is increasing in the country, demand of skill workforce in the field of mechanized mining is also rising.

Keeping in view the high demand of skill workforce requirement of the marble and granite industry and limited availability of the human resources, a large number of men will be trained on the mechanized quarrying techniques and technology at the projects.

The trainees are placed for two months training at projects including state of the art quarrie to gain new skills and experience in quarry development, operations and maintenance of modern quarrying equipment for long term employment opportunities at existing and newly developed mechanized quarries in the country.

In order to make sure that the sector is provided with the skilled workforce to carry out operations in an effective and efficient manner, PASDEC has trained 605 persons (semi-skilled operators, mining engineers and geologists) on latest quarrying machines and techniques. Previously there were very few trained skilled workers available in the sector.

 Female Skill Development Training

Mosaic, Inlay and Handicrafts products have high demand in local and international markets like UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and other counties. These products fetch high prices in these markets due to attractive nature of products. Currently Pakistani marble and granite industry cannot fulfil international demand of Mosaic, Handicraft & Inlay due to shortage of supply resulting from non-availability of sufficient skilled workforce in the special segment.

To effectively utilise the waste produced by the industry, skill development trainings shall be imparted to females on production of value added products of marble mosaic, Inlay and handicrafts. After trainings, females would be able to start their own businesses and help in value addition of the M&G sector.

Females are trained on Mosaic, Inlay and Handicraft designing, making and marketing with the vision to eradicate poverty, upgrading the value chain and improving females’ status. PASDEC has already conducted various training projects independently and jointly with various donor organizations. The success of these projects highlighted the need to bring more cohesion and competitiveness in Mosaic, Inlay and Handicrafts subsector. PASDEC has conducted training of 1262 female on Mosaic, inlay and handicraft making. The company has completed a project for training of 560 woman of Mosaic inlay and Handicraft with the collaboration of GIZ under the CREW (Creative Entrepreneurship for Women) project.

The training programs conducted by PASDEC identified that the Mosaic, Inlay and Handicraft sub-sector requires further value addition through diversification of products’ in line with market demands, understanding the raw material, developing design expertise, integrating environmental issues for a green industry and development of skilled human resource.